Friday, 26 May 2017

No. 37 Billy Mahonie - Nightmare City

My third and final offering from Billy Mahonie is their Nightmare City/Scary Village single. It gathers together a pair of tracks from 2002/3. According to the Rough Trade sticker on the front, both tracks were originally available as mp3s from the band's website, but were subsequently released as a single on the French label Euprate in 2007. I think this was the band's final single, though there was a fourth and final LP release in 2009. Both tracks were subsequently included on the Exhale on Mare Street compilation, which can be found in its entirety at Both tracks are relatively long (the single plays at 33rpm as a result); Nightmare City offers some excellent loud-quiet-loud-quiet-loud-louder dynamics, whilst Scary Village briefly resembles Bela Lugosi's Dead (in a good way).

The single is a rather lovingly put together - clear vinyl is always a winner and the sleeve in printed on semi-transparent paper, with a suitably nightmarish city scape. I do own a further seven inches featuring the instrumental joys of Billy Mahonie, but it's a split single, so won't feature until we reach the letter V (for various, obviously), which at the current rate will be around 2049. If memory serves this particular single was a gift from fellow-indie traveller Mark (@pomfob) currently pursuing all things indie in the greater Europe as I write this) - many thanks!

Teaser - Next time will feature one of the greatest goth tunes ever.