Thursday, 20 November 2014

No. 1 Adamski - Killer

So here's the chain of events; a friend recently shared some images of a pile of old 7" singles he'd recently re-discovered. They were beautiful; great music (even when it was terrible), great artwork (even when it was terrible) and great memories.

A few days later I found myself revisiting my own stash of 7" singles and wondering how to make something interesting of them.

That's how I end up here; a blog to celebrate these lovely little pieces of music, art, memory, whatever. I'll start at A, and see how far I get. The aim is a photo or two, a listen to both sides and a quick post. 

The first pick is pretty anomalous. In 1990 I was largely hostile to most things electronic; rave culture was, if not the enemy, then certainly something to be regarded with suspicion. This slipped through the net though. I remember hearing it on the way back from a second year history conference in Otterburn and being taken with it - it seemed pretty haunting at the time.

It has always sat at the front of the 7" record boxes over the years; thus the weathered condition. The sleeve has faded badly and is pretty creased, but it retains a certain charm I think. The b-side is horrid though.

I think this was the last number 1 single I bought on 7" - make of that what you will.

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