Thursday, 15 January 2015

No. 13 Animals That Swim - All Your Stars Are Out

Picture discs; they're a bit rubbish aren't they? As is invariably the case with the medium, this plays like someone is hoovering in the background and pops and clicks from start to finish. Which is a great shame as its an absolutely lovely song. It was also their last single, sadly, before they all went off to pursue what were almost certainly more lucrative careers. The b-side, While You Were Learning To Fly, is, for once, a cracking tune too; a glaring omission from their final LP. Whilst putting this together,I discovered they did briefly re-form in 2011 and put out a single on iTunes. Who knows, perhaps they'll reunite again some day and I'll finally get to see them live.

Next up, we'll be heading for more populist and more geographically local sounds.

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