Thursday, 29 January 2015

No. 15 Arctic Monkeys - Leave Before The Lights Come On

Another cracking tune from the Monkeys. This one is more pleasing because it didn't feature on either the first LP or the second. There's always something a little bit special about the one-off single I think. It was also promoted with a decent Sheffield-filmed video, featuring Paddy Considine. 

The b-side is a bit of an oddity though; a one off collaboration between the Monkeys and the 747s (nope, me neither). It's a sixties cover, that hints at the territory Alex Turner would explore with The Last Shadow Puppets.

If I was pressed to make a list of favourite record labels (oh go on then) Domino would certainly feature. Not only have they signed a collection of consistently interesting bands over the years (Clinic, Four Tet, Sebadoh, Elliott Smith, Joh Hopkins off the top of my head) but they've also ploughed profits from bands like Arctic Monkeys into interesting projects with little chance of making much profit; the beautifully put together Triffids reissues spring to mind.

Oh, and it came with a free beer mat, which was nice.

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