Monday, 9 February 2015

No. 16 Arctic Monkeys - Matador/Da Frame 2R

My final Arctic Monkeys 7" single was a limited run (1,000 copies no less) white vinyl, with 2 tracks originally released in Japan but not in the UK, at around the time of Favourite Worst Nightmare. Neither track is exactly a classic; Da Frame 2R sounds like it may be an older song that wouldn't have made it on to Whatever People Say... and Matador is a largely forgettable, largely instrumental offering. Still, Domino did throw in a couple of stickers, which was nice.

I've never warmed to the Arctic Monkeys later offerings to be honest. There seems to have been a law of diminishing returns, that set in pretty rapidly. Perhaps it's hard to write authentically gritty songs about everyday life in South Yorkshire when your living in a Manhattan apartment with your model girlfriend. I'm aware that there is the case made that AM, the most recent album, is a return to form of sorts. but the whole tax avoidance thing has left me feeling distinctly unbothered.

Little known fact; the drummer's dad is a regular at my local Parkrun - I only worked this out because he wears an Arctic Monkeys hat in the colder months.

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