Tuesday, 23 December 2014

No. 10 Altered Images - Change of Heart

Change of Heart is my final (and also the band's final) Altered Images single, An inglorious end for them - this reached only number 83 in the UK charts as the band called it a day. This may explain why there isn't a video for this single (which may be considered a blessing). However there is a decent film clip which was put together for b-side, Another Lost Look, when aired on The Tube (the keen eyed may spot a youthful Jools Holland). This single commits the cardinal sin of including a b-side which is also on the album (Bite) - unacceptable behaviour obviously (as is releasing four singles off the aforementioned album). That said, both that a- and b-side are solid enough cuts, so there are worse ways to end a career. So, on to our next artist, galloping past Anastasia Screamed and And You Will Know Us By Our Trail Of Dead... both of whom fail to register a single 7"er sadly.

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