Tuesday, 2 December 2014

No. 5 Altered Images - A Day's Wait

Altered Images. A band who are held in possibly unhealthily high regard by men of a certain age, myself included. We who were adolescent when Gregory's Girl was released, and could reliably repeat most of the best lines; "At least you've stopped kissing me like I was your aunty." We who grew up with their music and continued to cherish it even though it was slightly awkward and teenaged.

The worst part of this is that this isn't the right single. It should be Dead Pop Stars, but I never found a reasonably priced single (it had to have the picture sleeve obviously) in the days when I used to endlessly sift through singles in Plymouth's second hand record shops - the others you could pick up for a few pennies, but their spiky debut was always prized and as a result still eludes me. So instead, here's the second single, A Day's Wait. It's still pretty spiky, thanks to the Severin production - the scratchy post-punk guitars and drums give it a goth-lite feel which I still really like.

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