Wednesday, 17 December 2014

No. 9 Altered Images - Bring Me Closer

There are bound to be moments when, as I trawl through thirty years of single buying, I come across singles that have not aged well, or are just plain bad. That said, I've always been fairly ruthless in getting rid of things that are properly rotten, so don't expect to be troubled by too much grebo, thrash metal or the very worst of goth (all crimes I've committed in the past). Anyhow, this is both dated and pretty bad, so it seems to have got through quality control. The decision to re-brand Altered Images with a Philly sound, complete with soulful backing vocals, obligatory sweeping string section and chicka-chicka guitars was probably a poor one; there's something of the foghorn about Grogan's vocal delivery too. As if that weren't enough there's the video; a typical 1980s "let's make a movie" treatment - on this occasion a no-expense-spared, hire-a-helicopter, sub Bond espionage clip, which reunites Grogan with John Gordon Sinclair. Sadly, this is no Gregory's Girl, though it's worth sticking with for the moment around 2.58, where Sinclair actually appears to be wearing more make-up that Grogan (still, it was the '80s). On the plus side, the B-side, Surprise Me, is a bit of a gem. 

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