Wednesday, 31 December 2014

No. 11 Animals That Swim - Pink Carnations E.P.

Almost certainly my last post of 2014 and on to a personal favourite, Animals That Swim. If I were to draw up a list of bands that never got the recognition they deserved (and you know that in my head I have), Animals That Swim would certainly feature. This is the earliest 7" of theirs that I own, though it was actually their fifth single. Pink Carnations is a fine example of their style; beautifully observed commentaries on everyday life. It also appears on their first album, Workshy, from 1994; a fine record, though their next full-length release, I Was The King, I Really Was The King, was, arguably, their career best. If you know nothing of the band, I'd thoroughly recommend their entire back catalogue. Oddly Spotify has only a couple of their singles, though it does include The Greenhouse, which is a damned fine starting point; "asthma man grows pot in greenhouse" etc.

This also plays with the 7" format rather pleasingly, it actually includes 5 tracks and plays at 33 rpm. The additional tracks are unspectacular, out-takes from the Workshy sessions I suspect.

Animals That Swim would also feature on another of my lists; bands that I consider favourites but never saw live, along with the likes of Danielle Dax and the Cocteau Twins. I believe they rarely ventured far beyond the capital, which made them hard to see in Leeds or Sheffield.

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